The LymeClear Protocol


A natural treatment for
Lyme disease & coinfections.


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Available Now


Three Solutions:

1. LymeClear Home

2. LymeClear Clinic

3. LymeClear Retreat

<h1>Accelerated Recovery

Accelerated Recovery

Over 80% reported their health improved by 90% within two weeks.

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Unique Strategy


The LymeClear protocol addresses 10 key areas required to heal.

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<h1> Unique Strategy

LymeClear Retreat Thailand


The LymeClear protocol is currently available as a 21-28 day retreat in Thailand.

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<h1>LymeClear Retreat Thailand

To learn more about LymeClear, download the Introduction

Why Lyme Treatments Fail

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LymeClear Retreat Europe

The LymeClear protocol will  be available at a retreat in Europe in 2020

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<H1>LymeClear Retreat Europe

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